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Climate CHIP is a non-profit website supported by charitable grants from organizations and individuals concerned about local and global threats to human health and society from climate change. We aim to provide a range of information and resources about heat stress and other health impacts of climate change.

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Your Area easily enables you to find climate data in any part the planet from historical data and future models.

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Climate CHIPs

The Climate CHIP team is working towards producing further interactive resources and a series of reports on the impacts of climate conditions and prevention.

Health effects of climate change
Climate CHIPs

Analysis Tools

Climate CHIP offers a number of tools to help you understand the effects of climate change in your area of the world.

Heat Stress Index Calculation

News & Events

High Ambient Temperatures and Risk of Motor Vehicle Crashes in Catalonia, SpainLink here.

Uruguay makes dramatic shift to nearly 95% electricity from clean energy. Link here.

Wages set to fall unless warming is tackled. Link here.

Climate Central’s Program on Sea Level Rise strives to provide accurate, clear and granular information about sea level rise and coastal flood hazards both locally and globally, today and tomorrow. See excellent maps here.

WHO calls for urgent action to protect health from climate change. See here.

Over 1700 health organizations, 8200 hospitals and health facilities, and 13 million health professionals call on governments to reach a strong agreement at the UN climate negotiations to protect the health of patients and the public, see here and here.

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