About ClimateCHIP

The ClimateCHIP website has been developed to make it easier for people in any part of the world to access climate data, statistics and climate impact modeling. This website includes some basic information about the health threats from heat stress and other health impacts, Climate Change Health Impact Profiles (ClimateCHIPs) for a number of countries, calculation formulas and software applications making it easy to estimate human heat stress, as well as various documents and links.

This website's use for public-good purposes is accepted and encouraged, and when outputs are copied to other materials we request that reference to the website source is given. Commercial use of the website outputs is not permitted, unless special agreement for this has been reached.

ClimateCHIP Website Aims:

  • To encourage and facilitate wider knowledge of the human population health risks, associated with global and local climate change;
  • To increase awareness of heat stress and its wide-ranging effects;
  • To increase awareness about and actions on the societal risks associated with climate change; 
  • To present to a global audience summaries, calculations and analysis of information on climate conditions and health and well-being impacts;
  • To make access to stored data user-friendly;
  • To provide accurate basic physics and physiology calculation formulas of heat stress for website users' own applications.

Target Groups

Much of the website materials are intended for a wider audience, and it can be used by administrators, industry professionals, high-school teachers and students, and the media.

Some of the website material is more technical/scientific and may be of special interest to environmental and occupational health professionals, academics and climate change researchers.

The team also likes to include Government Health Officials and people concerned with Development Planning.

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This website is the intellectual property of ClimateSoft Ltd, Gannaway Mercer, PO Box 32095, 11a Wynyard St, Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand.