WorkHeat - Workplace Heat Effects Assessment Tool - Intro

What is the WorkHeat Tool?

The ClimateCHIP WorkHeat tool estimates the likely heat stress challenges occurring in a selected location anywhere in the world, and the future challenges as a result of climate change. The underlying climate & weather station data come from local measurements and climate models estimating heat levels in global grid cells (0.5 x 0.5 geographical degrees). The climate data can be viewed in the Your Area Today and Your Area Tomorrow pages.

One option in the WorkHeat tool estimates the need for heat safety actions using the International Standard (ISO7243). It shows how many days per month (or year) are so hot that heat prevention actions are needed, depending on the type of work carried out.

Another option indicates how much of the labour output (productivity) of indoor or outdoor workers may be reduced as a result of the local heat in current and future decades or months.

Click HERE for the Guidance Document on ClimateCHIP and the WorkHeat Tool.

Click NEXT below to explore current and future Heat Stress Challenges in your geographical area: a map and chart will appear with guiding notes for steps to take.