Analysis Tools

ClimateCHIP provides a number of downloadable and online analysis tools:


This software tool allows rapid presentation of several key climate variablesand two widely used heat stress indexes weather station recordings (source: NOAA’s Global Summary of the Day, GSOD, and CRU 3.24.1) over a time period from 1980 to the present.

Online Heat Stress Index Calculator

This online calculator allows you to enter temperature (ºC or ºF) and relative humidity, vapur pressure or dewpoint temperature and calculates the two heat-stress indexes WBGT and UTCI.

Excel Heat Stress Index Calculator

This is an Excel version of the heat stress calculator that allows you to calculate WBGT (indoors and outdoors in the sun) and UTCI in multiple cells in your spreadsheet.

Heat Stress Index Comparisons

This page briefly describes WBGT and shows comparison charts with other indexes: UTCI, Humidex, ESI and AT.