WorkHeat - Workplace Heat Effects Assessment Tool

Follow these few steps in your analysis

Find the grid cell for your location of interest
  • Type the name of this location in the Search field, or type latitude/longitude, or scroll map to desired location.
  • The default location is your last Search or where your computer is located.

View the data for Unsafe work days of Productivity loss
  • Choose in Parameter box. Unsafe work days based on international standard for heat levels that require heat prevention actions. Productivity loss based on estimates of how workers slow down when it gets hot.

View the monthly or annual data
  • In the box Chart Type you can choose which time unit you wish to see. The data are presented for 3 time periods: current (mean of 2011-2040), and future (2041-2070, and 2071-2100).
  • You can also see data for three different Work Intensities and the heat effects when working in the sun or in the shade (including indoors without effective cooling).
  • The default time periods can also include the past 30 year mean with a click on 3 Selected.

If you click Show Data Table
  • You can download the data you see in the graphic.

For further information about the ClimateCHIP functions refer to the Guidance Document

We would like your feedback on this WorkHeat Tool. Please download this Questionnaire and return your response to chip at climatechip dot org