Time-motion analysis as a novel approach for evaluating the impact of environmental heat exposure on labor loss in agriculture workers

Ioannou LG, Tsoutsoubi L, Samoutis G, Kajfez Bogataj L, Kenny GP, Nybo L, Kjellstrom T, Flouris AD

Introduction: In this study we (i) introduced time-motion analysis for assessing the impact of workplace heat on the work shift time spent doing labor (WTL) of grape-picking workers, (ii) examined whether seasonal environmental differences can influence their WTL, and (iii) investigated whether their WTL can be assessed by monitoring productivity or the vineyard manager's estimate of WTL. Methods: Seven grape-picking workers were assessed during the summer and/or autumn via video throughout four work shifts.

Heat Stress in Australia

Prezi presentation on Heat Stress in Australia ANU November 2012 Theory bubble: why temperature by itself doesn’t adequately measure heat stressIndex Comparison bubble: Comparing Different Heat indexes for AustraliaConsequences bubble: Health and productivity loss from heat stressFuture predictions bubble:  GCM models to predict heat stress in Australia in 2030 and 2050Collecting Data bubble:  Methods used to collect current data on heat stressGIS data bubble:  Examples of GIS output for Australia now and in futureStation Data bubble: Using daily and hourly station data to calculate heat stress

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